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杭州百算信息技术有限公司(Hangzhou Calc100 Infotech Co., Ltd.),成立于2012年2月,是创新型的软件研发供应商,以商业/个人智能软件、移动互联网研发及服务业务为主。我们通过软件帮助客户提高效率、节约人力物力、做出更好的商业决策,产品可帮助客户轻松地在各种设备(传统电脑、平板电脑、笔记本电脑、手机及其他各种手持设备等)和平台(Windows、Mac等各种操作系统及IE、FF等各种浏览器)上创造和发布数字化的内容,以取得更大的商业成就。另外,我们不断地提供最新研发的新型产品为客户免费试用。

Founded in 2012, Calc100 is a groundbreaking researcher and provider of software platforms for enterprise and personal applications. We help our customers work efficiently, economize on manpower and material resources and make better business decisions through our products and services.We offer a wide range of products, services and support, including business intelligence software, social intelligence applications and web 3.0 products. Our products enable our customers to create, deploy and use their digital content across various devices and platforms, every channel and screen, and achieve greater business success. Besides, we always provide our customers with free-trial versions of our new products.